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Welcome to our Foreign Rights Department

Edition bi:libri is a young publishing company specializing in bilingual children’s books.  We produce high-quality picture books in a wide-range of illustration styles. We carefully select stories that work well bilingually: that is, stories written in simple, age-appropriate language, depicting universal themes, such as otherness, belonging, friendship and individuality and describing everyday experiences that children everywhere in the world can relate to. However, most of our stories were originally conceived as monolingual books and could certainly be published that way as well. We encourage you to take a look at our catalogue: there is something for every taste.

Because our books are designed to support bilingual children in their language development, each of our books contains an “extra” that encourages a continued use of the vocabulary and structures within the story: an Audio-CD, a word-picture strip at the bottom of each page, a paper doll with clothes, reusable stickers or a coloring page, for example.

We invite you to browse through our catalogue. If you have any questions or would like to request a reading copy, please contact:

Dr. Kristy Koth


We communicate in English and German.

                             Foreign Rights Catalogue (pdf)